Talks (27.10.2017)

Door Opening & Good Morning Coffee


The organizers of Jazoon autumn 2017 Julia, Nithin and Dmitrij will welcome you to the conference. In this short introduction they will talk about the agenda, the format of Jazoon, the side...
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Build Your Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Machine Learning

In this session you will get a hands-on introduction to SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation. Built on SAP Cloud Platform, it provides advanced machine learning capabilities that helps applications recognize...
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Applied AI: Real-World Use Cases for Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services

Want to harness the power of machine learning, but don’t have a team of data scientists on staff? Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services API has you covered! Infuse your apps, websites,...
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Morning Break

Run Deep Learning models in the browser with JavaScript and ConvNetJS

This hands-on session will dive into the current state-of-the-art for  running pretrained (publicly available) Deep Neural Nets directly in the browser using  JavaScript and frameworks based on ConvNetJS. In recent...
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Using messaging and AI to build novel user interfaces for work

Messaging platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams are transforming the way we work, connecting distributed teams and enabling new collaborations. Chatbots are the new custom enterprise development application platform. Learn...
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Lunch break

JVM based DeepLearning on IoT data with Apache Spark

DeepLearning frameworks are popping up at very high frequency but only a few of them are suitable to run on clusters, use GPUs and supporting topologies beyond Feed-Forward at the...
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Apache Spark for Machine Learning on Large Data Sets

Apache Spark is a general purpose distributed computing framework for distributed data processing. With MLlib, Spark’s machine learning library, fitting a model to a huge data set becomes very easy....
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Afternoon Break

Anatomy of an open source voice assistant

Mycroft is developing an open source alternative to all the major voice assistant providers including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Microsoft Cortana. We are leading a global movement...
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Building products with TensorFlow

What makes a great product? At Google we call it the ‘magic moments’ – when your email suggests an insightful automatic response, when the map knows to highlight restaurants as...
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Closing session

Julia, Nithin and Dmitrij will wrap up the conference with some closing thoughts.