Main Track (Pavillon)
Backstage Track

Door Opening & Good Morning Coffee


The organizers of Jazoon Spring 2017 Daniel and Matthias will welcome you to the conference. In this short introduction they will talk about the agenda, the new format of Jazoon...
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Proposals in this Day & Age, Taking Steps to the Next Stage

We’re all pretty stoked about ES6 / ES2015 and all the features we’ve recently added the language. JavaScript really has taken a step into the modern era and embraced its...
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Advanced RxJS: State Management and Animations

In this talk we’re going to jump beyond the basics of RxJS, and start talking about what to do to handle complexities like state management and animations using reactive programming....
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Lunch break

Getting Physical with Web Bluetooth

It is time to get out of your web browser boundaries! With a new technology “Web Bluetooth”, our web apps are finally able to communicate directly with Physical Devices and...
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Tackling State in Angular Applications

Managing state is a hard problem. We need to coordinate multiple backends, web workers, and UI components, all of which update the state concurrently. Patterns like Redux make some of...
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Afternoon Break

GraphQL real-time subscriptions – from idea/concept to production grade implementation

GraphQL gives you the ability to get exactly the data you need, when you need it, with the least amount of effort. GraphQL subscriptions is the part in GraphQL’s spec...
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WebAssembly Demystified

A revolution is about to begin. WebAssembly (aka wasm) is shipping in all modern browsers, but since it’s (intentionally) very low level, it can be difficult to understand how it...
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Understanding Startup Pains and How To Overcome Them

In a startup, the growing pains that you go through seem like they are unique to your situation. But, they are not. Every startup goes through the same growing pains,...
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Closing session

Matthias and Daniel will wrap up the conference with some closing thoughts. Also the Autumn organization committee will announce the next edition of Jazoon.