Because we want you to have the best learning experience we decided to offer full day workshops on Thursday 27. April, the day before the conference. All of our workshop organizers are experts in their field – some of them are even authors of the frameworks they present.


The topics of the workshops at Jazoon Spring 2017 will be Angular  and RxJS. 
Angular  is a revolutionary development platform for creating applications using modern web standards and powered by the Open Source Community following the success of AngularJS. 
RxJS or Reactive Extensions for JavaScript is a library for transforming, composing, and querying streams of data. It’s become popular by it’s usage in Angular 2 and React.


Tickets for the workshops are sold separately from the conference tickets. The workshop ticket grants access to a single workshop on Thursday 27. April. Lunch, coffee and croissants during the two breaks are included in the ticket price. Ticket prices are CHF 600.- per person.

Workshops (27.4.2017)

Angular Architecture and Advanced Routing

In this training by we’ll explore two areas of the Angular plattform: architectural patterns and advanced routing techniques. In the architecture session we’ll focus mainly on intercomponent communication, including...
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RxJS By Example with Angular

Learn about RxJS 5 and Observables in-depth, and using RxJS to manage common and complex async scenarios within an application. Thinking in functional reactive programming can be difficult, but we...
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React + Redux

By now you almost certainly have heard of React and Redux: two libraries that took frontend development by storm. Many large companies like Netflix, Reddit, Facebook, Khan Academy, Airbnb, and...
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Workshop organizers

Pascal Precht angular
Angular GDE at @Google, @thoughtram co-founder and creator of @5thingsAngular

Jay Phelps

Netflix rxjs
JavaScript at @Netflix. RxJS core team, redux-observable, core-decorators

Dominic Elm angular
Trainer @thoughtram, passionate Web Developer, Angular and Firebase enthusiast

Brian Holt

Netflix react | redux
Senior UI engineer at Netflix; previously Reddit

Ben Lesh

Google rxjs
#RxJS core team. Working at @Google. I occasionally write about tech and reactive programming.

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