DevOps for Devs
6th and 7th of September 2018
Gurten Pavillon, Bern

Thank you!

Jazoon TechDays 2018 in Bern are over. Thanks to everybody who made this conference awesome.

What to expect next?

Pictures, recordings and more will follow soon. Check this page regularly and follow us on twitter @jazoon

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I am not exaggerating saying that these two folks and all the @JAZOON team are great! They keep up busy all the time and now I can’t wait to come back to Bern because it is awesome

Gianluca Arbezzano

I’ve come to the conclusion that the organisers of #jazoon are some sort of super-organised team of ninjas. You ask something, and the answer is inevitably “done already”. Top job

Russ Miles

On my way home! thank you so much @JAZOON for everything we’ve done for us! Kudos to both of you!
See you hopefully next year

Rachid Zarouali

Congrats to the organizers of @JAZOON on such a great conference. Your hard work has paid off and I hope you enjoy some beers later! #jazoon

Linda Nichols


Aaron Blohowiak

Netflix Chaos Engineering
Senior software engineer on the Chaos and Traffic team at Netflix

Russ Miles

ChaosIQ Chaos Engineering
CEO at, Geek on a Harley, former Atomist

Kief Morris

ThoughtWorks Infrastructure as code
CloudSpinner (ThoughtWorks). Author of 'Infrastructure as Code' (O'Reilly)

Philipp Strube

Container Solutions
Director Technology

Gianluca Arbezzano

Influx Data
Site Reliability Engineer, Docker Captain

Charity Majors
Co-founder of, co-author of Database Reliability Engineering (O'Reilly)

Rachid Zarouali

Docker Captain, Cloud computing teacher, CIO at Synolia

Johann Gyger

Senior Software Engineer

Tobias Denzler

Helvetia Insurance
Solution Architect

Linda Nichols

Cloud Enablement Leader


03.06.2018 Early Bird tickets are sold out. The good news is: There are still tickets available for both the conference and the workshop!
23.02.2018 We are excited to publish our first three speakers: Aaron Blohowiak from Netflix and Docker captain Viktor Farcic from CloudBees will feature our main track, while Russ Miles from ChaosIQ will hold a full-day workshop that gets you started with a production-grade microservices setup.
16.02.2018 We are very happy to announce the next edition of Jazoon Tech Days on ‘DevOps for Devs’. Save the date: 2018-09-06 and 2018-09-07.