Jazoon TechDays is a one-day conference which takes place twice a year. Every edition focuses on a single topicĀ and features high-quality speakers. The conference takes place in Bern and Zurich alternately.

What to expect

Single focused topic

While the topics of each conference are independent of each other the intention is the same: Give the attendees a profound insight into an interesting topic. This will be achieved through high quality expert talks and interactive side activities. Last but not least the conference will be concluded by an off-topic talk and a social event.

Expert speakers

Since there is only a single track at Jazoon TechDays we want to have the best speakers possible. Expect high quality talks from international experts.

More than just talks

We think a conference should offer more than just a passive experience. Therefore we will have many side activities where you can engage with the speakers.

Hands-on experience

To get a deeper understanding of a topic and to soak up a speakers experience, a talk just isn’t enough. Therefore, we organize full-day workshops where you can get your hands dirty. We are convinced that the combination of workshops and talks delivers the best learning experience possible.