Jazoon'11 Topics


Day 1 : Tuesday, June 21


Java in The Cloud (Arena 5: Java x.1 Sessions)
Cloud-based products and services are becoming increasingly prominent. According to proponents at least, this potentially affects everything from development processes to system architecture to operations. This track explores some of the roles that Java plays within the cloud space.

Java in The Enterprise (Arena 3: Java x.2 Sessions)
Are business-process engines worth the trouble? Find out in this track, along few other tricks of the trade useful in the enterprise environment.

Developer Toolbox (Arena 4: Java x.3 Sessions)
How can you streamline your development process? Does your currently configured IDE really help you achieve the most out of your work? This track looks at some of the tools that may help in an ever-changing collaboration environment.


Client & Web (Arena 6: MS x.1 Sessions)
This track gives you an introduction and some good in-depth into Microsoft main­stream development technologies that help you create great client and web applications. Keywords: Silverlight 5, Multi-Touch, ASP.NET.

Cloud Computing (Arena 7: MS x.2 Sessions)
After David Chappell’s introduction to cloud technologies, this track will dig into Microsoft’ Platform as a Service offer, the Windows Azure Platform. You will learn about the Azure services and how to make great use of them to rapidly develop and deploy elastic cloud applications that suite your business and financial requirements. Keywords: Windows Azure, SQL Azure, AppFabric.


DSL and Usability (Arena 8: SET x.1 Sessions)
Bridging the gap between business and technology is still challenging. This track explores how domain specific languages and the focus on user centered design can help bridging this gap.

Testing and Quality (Arena 9: SET x.2 Sessions)
Creating high quality products is the goal of most companies. But how can this be achieved? There are diverse possibilities that allow to create, approve, and verify the quality of a system. This track elaborates how tests, metrics, and the focus on simplicity can help to increase the quality.


Day 2 : Wednesday, June 22


The Java Ecosystem (Arena 5: Java x.1 Sessions)
This track covers the current and the road ahead for the essential Java technology -- the SE, Glassfish and more. Desktop Javaists should check out the topics in this track.

This Mobile World (Arena 3: Java x.2 Sessions)
Mobile computing is exploding. How long will it be before all phones are smartphones to some degree? Will smartphone-based applications overtake server or desktop market share? What is a developer to do in a world with multiple strong platforms with completely different technology stacks?

Data (Arena 4: Java x.3 Sessions)
Some people say that it is always "all about the data". But if so, how should you access it, organize it, manage it, or query it? Is the relational model always best? Are consistency and durability always ensured with spinning platters? Find out more in this track.


Mobile, Core, and Languages (Arena 6 & 7 : MS x.1 & MS x.2 Sessions)
This day is dedicated to Microsoft’s core technologies and languages, a must-have for every .NET developer. It covers the latest versions of Microsoft communication and ORM technologies, as well as not-to-be-missed speeches on parallel computing, F#, and the future of C#. Sessions on Windows Phone 7 and HTML5 complete this day of key Microsoft development technologies


Project management (Arena 8: SET x.1 Sessions)
As long as project management is based on command and control is only partially successful. Yet global and as well agile development requires participative leadership. In this track we explore how this changes project management.

Agile Development (Arena 9: SET x.2 Sessions)
This year marks the tenth anniversary of the agile manifesto. Since the beginnings, where agile development concentrated mainly on small collocated teams a lot has changed. We want to take this track as an opportunity to discuss the state-of-the-art of agile development.


Day 3 : Thursday, June 23


Java On The Web (Arena 5: Java x.1 Sessions)
Can we improve the way we do web-apps with Java? This track looks at few major technologies and their roadmaps. If you feel are looking for how to be a more productive Java Web Developer, this track is for you.

Spring-time (Arena 3: Java x.2 Sessions)
This track will look into the latest developments in the Spring technology stack. Find out how to integrate social networking services into your application and more.

Security / Toolbox continued (Arena 4: Java x.3 Sessions)
What are the latest security threats targeting web apps and what measures can be used to guard against them? Also, a look at continuous integration: challenges on the larger scale.


Application Lifecycle Management ALM (Arena 6: MS x.1 Sessions)
This track is a great step into the world of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) by Microsoft, for both .NET and Java developers. Agility, Testing, heterogeneous projects and continuous deployment are just a few highlights you will hear about. And – you will learn what a Java developer is doing at Microsoft. Keywords: VSTS, Team Foundation, SCRUM.

In your Datacenter (Arena 7: MS x.2 Sessions)
If you intend to run your datacenter as a cloud infrastructure, or if you want to learn what’s coming next with SQL Server, or if you want to exploit the capabilities of SharePoint within your intranet and maybe in the “as a Service” form, don’t miss this track. Keywords: Private Cloud, SQL, SharePoint, Office365.


Enterprise Architectures (Arena 8: SET x.1 Sessions)
Nowadays there are not many standalone applications left. Most companies have therefore the need to integrate several diverse systems. In this track we elaborate how service oriented architecture and other means can help to create an enterprise architecture.

Continuous Learning (Arena 9: SET x.2 Sessions
The only constant thing is change. Yet change requires that we as individuals, as a team, as an organization learn continuously. In this track we focus among other things on techniques that enable continuous learning.

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