Call for Papers


Selection Process Duration When Benefits for speakers
Long Talk Peer-reviewed by Program Committee. 50' (incl. Q&A) 21 -23 June Free conference pass for main speaker, 50% discount on conference pass for one co- speaker
Short Talk Peer-reviewed by Program Committee.
20' (incl. Q&A) 21 - 23 June
Free conference pass for main speaker, 50% discount on conference pass for one co-speaker
Jazoon Rookie Abstract selection by Program Committee, final three speakers will be invited to present at Jazoon'11. Jury and audience will rate. 20' 22 June Final three speakers will get free travel, accommodation and conference pass

For Jazoon'11 the submission door is closed.
We look forward welcoming new submissions in autumn for Jazoon 2012.

Call for Papers Technical long and short talks

Presentation slots will be 50 minutes (long talks) or 20 minutes (short talks) and should provide enough time to interact with the participants.

Jazoon is aimed at professionals involved in software development (software developers) as well as in decisions regarding software development processes, methods, and technologies (e.g. IT managers, project leaders, software architects, etc.). The participants will gain an excellent overview of the state-of-the-art in modern software development and software engineering. The focus is on cutting edge techniques that have also proven to be successful in practical use.  

Jazoon'11 submission topics:


Software Engineering Today
Java and beyond
Special Guest: Microsoft

 Lean and Agile Development:

  • Agility in Distributed / Global Projects 
  • Creation of an Agile Organization 
  • Team Excellence with Agile Practices 
  • Experiences using Kanban

Enterprise Architecture: 

  •  Architecture Design for the Enterprise
  • Distributed Integration Techniques
  • Collaboration Tools

Management and Leadership:

  • Project Management in the Enterprise
  • Creating a Learning Organization
  • Kaizen – Getting better everyday
  • Collaboration and soft skills in the Enterprise

 Enterprise Java

  •  Web Application Frameworks
  • Application Containers and Runtime Platforms
  • Persistence
  • Web Services, SOA
  • Cloud Computing
  • Integration and Interoperability

Pervasive Computing

  • Mobile Computing
  • Android, iOS, WebOS
  • Embedded Systems
  • Consumer Technologies

Development Tools & Techniques

  • IDEs and Plug-ins
  • Testing, Profiling, Monitoring
  • Software Engineering Lifecycle and Methodologies
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Model-Driven Software Development

Infrastructure Technologies & Language Issues

  • Java Language, JDK, JRE
  • Virtualization
  • Security
  • Scripting and other languages on the Java VM
  • Domain-Specific Languages
  • Design Patterns and Best Practices

Cool & Fun

  • Gaming
  • Entertainment
  • Experimenting


  • Real-world experiences and show cases

Web Technologies

Windows Phone 7


Cloud Platform


Development Tools & Methodologies


Cool & Fun

  • Gaming 
  • Entertainment 
  • Experimenting


Instructions for submissions

Note that the conference language is English and all submissions and presentations have to be in English.

For practical reasons the number of speakers for each contribution is limited to two (2). Jazoon will not be able to cover any expenses, but the main speaker gets a free conference pass for Jazoon and the 2nd speaker a 50% discount.

Please provide the following information: 

  • Title of presentation
  • Name(s) and affiliation(s) of the presenter(s)
  • Abstract
  • Explain the general topic/problem, describe why the delegates should attend the presentation, and highlight the technologies/concepts the presentation is going to cover. Make the main arguments of your proposed presentation clear and why this topic is important.
  • Target Audience (e.g. software architects, project managers, experienced software-developers, ...)
  • Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • Prerequisites required of attendees: e.g. knowledge/experience in project management…
  • Short biography of presenter(s)
  • Picture of the main presenter
  • Contact information of main presenter (postal address, email address, phone and fax numbers)
  • Title of presentation

For Jazoon'11 the submission door is closed.
We look forward welcoming new submissions in autumn for Jazoon 2012.

Acceptance Criteria
All the submissions will be peer-reviewed by a panel of experts. We will use the following criteria for evaluating the submissions:

  • Applicability: The sessions should enable the participants to apply the lessons from your presentation in their daily work.
  • Novelty: You certainly have better chances to get something new accepted at Jazoon.
  • Speaking Skills: The sessions should be presented in an interesting, vivid, and entertaining way. Speakers with a good track record have a higher chance for acceptance.

Thank you very much in advance for contributing to the success of Jazoon by submitting your presentation proposal. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Program Committee Chairs
Jazoon: Ognen Ivanovski, chair[at]
SET@Jazoon: Jutta Eckstein, set[at]
Microsoft@Jazoon: Stefano Mallè, microsoft[at]

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