JAZOON program on your mobile


 The JAZOON'12 program is available on your mobile device! Just download the EventBoard Mobile app and start planning your conference schedule!

After installation, choose JAZOON from the EventBoard Current Listing. You may add your user setting if you use more than one device or if you want to receive information about program update.


Now, you are ready to plan your conference agenda on your mobile. Before you start, please check the JAZOON Navigator to see how the program is organized.

At JAZOON'12 you can enjoy 70 sessions, 5 keynotes, 2 tracks (JAZOON Main Track and SET Software Engineering Today) and 1 award. The sessions are organized in 14 timeslots (1..14) each slot represents 5 parallel sessions with one 50min talk or two 20min talks.

To build up your individual conference agenda, you have to spend a few minutes to navigate thru the program and make your choices, the app will help you in this process.

Start with the session menu.

And go to sessions by Time.

Go to Slot 1 Day :

and make your choices. To do so, add a session to your agenda by touching the heart-symbol for each session you plan to attend. Repeat this step for all keynotes and timeslots you.

Alternatively to the program by schedule you may navigate thru the conference program by topic (tag) or by speaker.

Finally, you have your JAZOON'12 agenda:

In addition, you can help us to improve JAZOON by sending feedback about each session you attend by pressing the feedback button/link. For each session, you can provide us feedback about:

  • Quality of the Content
  • Significance for theory or practice
  • Originality and level of innovativeness
  • Quality of presentation
  • I would recommend this speaker for JAZOON'13
  • Overall rating
  • Comments

Please help us with your feedback! Many thanks in advance!

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