Program Committee

The central purpose of JAZOON is to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience across borders. The JAZOON Program Committee was created to ensure that participants can learn all there is to learn about the latest trends about the Modern Art of Software from the best qualified speakers around the world. The Committee is composed of leading figures within the community and talented experts, who identify the trends and topics currently driving the software world and whose responsibility it is to engage speakers who have something substantial to say about the issues.

Program Chair (overall)

Title Company
Daniel Eichhorn Senior Software Engineer Netcetera

Members Program Committee

Title Company
Robert Brazile VP Software Development Oracle
Nicolai Finke Head of Product Management LEGIC Identsystems
Philipp Hofmann Software Engineer Panter AG
Ognen Ivanovski Senior Software Engineer Netcetera
Martin Kernland Senior Architect edorasware ag
Nemanja Kostic Zurich Financial Services
Karim Riad Mazouni Delivery Director OCTO Technology
Erich Oswald Chief Technology Officer Ergon
Michael Pellaton Senior Software Engineer Netcetera
Sven Peters Technology Evangelist Atlassian
Christof Roduner Co-founder Scandit
Nicolas Ruflin Chief Technology Officer Centralway
Bruno Schäfer Fellow Canoo Engineering AG
Dr. Tom Sprenger Chief Technology Officer Adnovum
Marcel Stör Senior Software Engineer Netcetera
Patrick Walther Derivative Partners Research AG
Lukas Weibel Software Architect bbv Software Services
Stefan Wengi Acrea AG

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