Public Side Events

Visit a JAZOON Side Event on 23. October!

In addition to the official program, some friends and partners of JAZOON organize side events. These take place on the second conference day after the closing keynote around 19:00. To reach a large span of the community, they are open to the public and not limited to JAZOON participants. A primary goal of the side events is to provide participants with the opportunity to network with like-minded people and to do something exciting while having a good time.
Please contact if you would like to host a side event.

Scrum Coaches Clinic & Vernissage – Saat Network

Are you facing challenges implementing Scrum? Would like some expert advice from experienced coaches? Or would you just like to hang out, check out our Vernissage and Apéro?
Agile coaching clinics are popular events at Scrum and Agile Gatherings around the world. Got a question you’d like to discuss? Experienced Scrum experts Steve Holyer and Peter Stevens will be available from 18:00 to 20:00 for free one-on-one coaching to help you. No strings, no sales pitches — just you, your coach and a flip chart. Afterwards, you can enjoy our Apéro and Vernissage!
Steve Holyer About Peter Stevens, CST
Participation is easy! Just come to the event and sign up for a free slot! Each session last 15 minutes.
Location: Training Room Zürich West, Hardturmstrasse 181, Zürich
Keywords: Scrum, Free Coaching, Problem Solving, Agile, Vernissage, Apéro, Agile Hardware

FabLab Event – Introduction and 3D printing demo

The FabLab Zurich is a maker space in the heart of Zurich. It’s driven by volunteers and organized as a club. The members have access to “traditional” tools such as drills and a circular saw but also to more exotic ones such as a CNC milling machine, a laser cutter and a 3D printer. After a brief explanation of the FabLab Zurich and 3D printing in general, we will look at the topic “Individual Cookie Cutters from the 3D-printer” in more detail – including a live demo of the printing process!
Did you ever see a 3D printer at work? Come and join us for an exciting event including an Apéro.
Location: FabLab Zürich, Zimmerlistrasse 6, 8004 Zürich
Keywords: FabLab, Maker Space, High Tech Tools, RepairCafé, CNC Milling, Fabrication Laboratory Event – Apache Solr in practice – a field report logo
As JAZOON partner and pillar of the local software community, organizes a public JAZOON side event as well. Corsin Decurtins, will talk about his experience with Apache Solr as integrated full text intranet search engine. Corsin Decurtins is Chief Technology Officer at Netcetera, Switzerland. He is responsible for technology and development strategies, works as consultant for external and internal Teams and is involved in several projects as architect, technical coordinator and developer.
Location: PH Zürich, ROOM: LAD 120, Lagerstrasse 2, Zürich
Keywords: Lessons learned, Technology, Concept

Herbst Atlassian User Group (Zürich)

Are you in town early for JAZOON? Join Sven Peters and Stefan Saasen for the Atlassian User Group Switzerland Event on Monday.
Find more information here (german only).
Location: “Business Park in Zürich”, Pfingstweidstrasse 51, 8005 Zürich
Keywords: Atlassian User Group Switzerland, JIRA, Agile, Scrum, Apéro