JAZOON’13 Call for Papers

Come to JAZOON’13 and share what you know, what you have experienced or what you think. Submit a brief online proposal for a 20 or 50 minute talk at JAZOON’13 now!

Your Benefits

An accepted talk at JAZOON’13 provides you:

  • Fame and reputation in the international community for you and your company or organization
  • Free access to all JAZOON’13 sessions
  • A 50% discount on a JAZOON’13 ticket for your co-speaker (if any)
  • An exclusive appreciation gift

Focus Topics

JAZOON’13 will focus on the following topics:

The Cross-Platform UI

  • How can a rich user experience be achieved for the same application on different client devices?
  • What engineering techniques and paradigms should be followed for cross-platform applications?
  • What technologies and frameworks support these approaches?
  • What comes after JavaScript?

[Mobile First, Responsive Design, UX, frameworks, JavaScript test coverage, alternatives to JavaScript (GWT, TypeScript, Dart, CoffeeScript, etc.), native vs. web, browser limits and beyond, etc.]

The Future of the JVM

  • What will the Java ecosystem look like in 2 to 5 years?
  • What is the future relevance of the JVM?
  • What other languages will be important on the JVM? What will their application areas be?
  • What experience in large-scale projects has been gained with alternative JVM languages?
  • Which new or re-invented paradigms are emerging together with languages on the JVM?

[JSE, JEE, Scala, Clojure, Groovy, JRuby, Jython, Ceylon, etc.]

Collaboration in Software Development

  • How can you do agile software development with a distributed team?
  • What are the best-of-breed tools and methods for distributed development?
  • How can knowledge be shared in (distributed) teams?
  • What challenges and opportunities arise with distributed teams?
  • How can collaboration between development, operations and QA be improved?

[distributed Agile, collaboration tools, collaboration culture, DevOps, etc.]

Innovation in Architecture

  • How do you design an app that needs to be released continously?
  • How does BigData affect the design of even small apps?
  • How has your app made use of unorthodox design approaches?
  • What big design changes are needed for living in the cloud?

[Enterprise Java, cloud, BigData, continuous deployment & delivery, etc.]

Target Audience

JAZOON’13 is focused on attracting the software engineering community, from junior developers to senior architects and decision makers. Our participants want to know how others handle current challenges of software development, they want to see what new technologies and approaches really work, and they are looking for coming trends. Based on previous years’ attendance, participant professional experience ranges from intermediate to expert.

Short or Long Talk?

How much time you need to get your message across depends on you. You can choose from a Short Talk (20 minutes including Q&A) or a Long Talk (50 minutes including Q&A).

Your Submission

Please register and submit your talk at

A brief proposal only requires the following:

  • Since the conference language is English, all written material and the presentation itself must be in English.
  • Title of the presentation (max. 50 characters including spaces)
  • Name(s) and affiliation(s) of the presenter(s)
  • Abstract (max. 750 characters including spaces)
  • Description of the general topic/problem, why visitors should attend the presentation, including highlights of the technologies/concepts the presentation will cover. Please make the main arguments of your proposed presentation clear and explain why your topic is important.
  • Prerequisites for your audience: e.g. knowledge/experience in project management, etc.
  • Short biography of presenter(s)
  • Link to an online video of the main speaker presenting the abstract of the talk in English. This helps us rate the presenter’s speaking skills. The video will be publicly available for community rating and in the online conference program
  • Photo(s) of the main presenter(s) for publication in the program, at least 800×600 pixels, 300dpi, 4×3 (HxW) aspect ratio
  • Contact information of the main presenter (postal address, email address, phone and fax numbers)


The Call for Papers deadline for both long and short talks is 30 June 2013. The deadline has been extended until 7 July 2013!

Selection Process

All submissions will be peer reviewed by a panel of experts from different countries and organizations. We will use the following criteria for evaluating submissions:

  • Applicability: the session should enable the participants to apply the lessons from your presentation in their daily work.
  • Novelty: the likelihood of getting a submission accepted at JAZOON is higher if it is innovative.
  • Speaking skills: the session should be presented in an interesting, vivid, and entertaining way. Speakers with an attractive presentation style in the abstract video have a higher chance of acceptance.
  • Community rating: to increase the likelihood of acceptance of your talk you can participate in the public community rating phase. To do so, tick the appropriate checkbox on the submission form.

Thank you for contributing to the high quality of JAZOON’13 by submitting your presentation proposal. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Please feel free to pass on this call for papers to your colleagues. Program Committee Chair:
Daniel Eichhorn,