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The best JAZOON’13 program is online

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For every conference, the program is the most important asset. When it comes to a guide which helps you select the right talks or workshops, there are multiple choices. One would be a printed conference navigator (which runs a high risk of being outdated by time the ink hits the paper). Another option is a specialized app for your smartphone. For JAZOON’13 we built a mobile optimized web-app which satisfies all needs. It can be found here:
Whether you’re in the office working on your desktop PC, on the way home or at the conference using your smartphone; this is the place to go for the most current and complete information about the program.

About the JAZOON’13 Guide

Besides working nicely on all kinds of devices, the guide has a few special features:

  • Mark your favorite sessions
    Next to every session there is a heart icon that you can click/tap so you can later easily find your way around the conference or discuss your choices with a friend. For the nerds: We use HTML5 local storage to save your selection (
  • Comment on sessions
    Would you like to ask the presenter a question beforehand? Would you like to comment on a session? No problem: In the detail view of every session you find a button labeled “Add Comment” that lets you compose a comment using your twitter account. It’s the perfect way to participate in the conference before it even started!
  • “Now & Next”
    There’s a special view for use during the conference. “Now & Next” always shows you what’s on now and what’s up next:

We are proud of, we built it ourselves using Google AppEngine, AngularJS and Bootstrap to prove that we are developers too and also for the fun of doing it. Hope you like it too!

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