JAZOON’13 Opening


JAZOON’13 has started

Joe Justice just kicked off JAZOON’13 – He shared very interesting insights into extreme manufacturing and how agile principles can be used for much more than just software development.
He also shared his thoughts on how these techniques can be used to make the world a better place.
Joe Justice is a team member at Scrum Inc. He is also the founder of Team WIKISPEED, a volunteer based green automotive-prototyping company, with a goal to change the world for the better. WIKISPEED is a collaborative team of skilled individuals who volunteer time to design and build safe, low-cost, ultra-efficient, road-legal vehicles. Joe consults and coaches teams and companies on implementing Scrum at all levels of their organization.
Around 350 people are here at StageOne today to participate in this year’s JAZOON.
We wish you all an interesting conference, hope you meet lots of new people and just a good time!

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