Egg Drop Challenge


Physics teacher drops an egg from 10 meters
When you drop a raw egg, it usually breaks – at the JAZOON Egg Drop Challenge powered by NOSE, you can develop something to avoid this.
Get your construction kit and use the available material to make the egg withstand a free fall of about 4m.
The “drop zone” is open for testing between the talks. We will measure falling speed and accuracy.
There will be a contest where a jury will rate style and in-flight-behavior. Every egg that survives the drop is a winner.

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Online Conference Guide

The best JAZOON’13 program is online

guide, screenshot

For every conference, the program is the most important asset. When it comes to a guide which helps you select the right talks or workshops, there are multiple choices. One would be a printed conference navigator (which runs a high risk of being outdated by time the ink hits the paper). Another option is a specialized app for your smartphone. For JAZOON’13 we built a mobile optimized web-app which satisfies all needs. It can be found here:
We built it ourselves using Google AppEngine, AngularJS and Bootstrap to prove that we are developers too and also for the fun of doing it. Hope you like it too!

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JAZOON Side Events

Visit a JAZOON Side Event on 23. October

In addition to the official program, some friends and partners of JAZOON organize side events. These take place on the second conference day starting in the later afternoon and continuing into early evening. To reach a large span of the community, they are open to the public and not limited to JAZOON participants. A primary goal of the side events is to provide participants with the opportunity to network with like-minded people and to do something exciting while having a good time.

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The JAZOON T-Shirts have arrived


Today the JAZOON T-Shirts designed by 2nd Skin have arrived! We’re excited to finally hold them in our hands.

To make sure every JAZOONer is dressed nicely, the shirt is available in various sizes as well as in different shapes for ladies (blue) and gents (green). As you can see, they look quite cool! Thank you, Mirjam.

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