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Sign up for Workshops Now!


Sign up for your preferred worskhops at JAZOON and be sure to have a seat. Simply go to any workshop page and put in your details. Seats are limited, so sign up now! Appium Workshop Coding your own iBeacon solution

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Visualization with D3, etc.

Graph done with D3

Want top wow the visitors with cool, interactive graphics in Javascript? Florian Georg from IBM will tell us about visualizing large datasets with D3, Crossfilter and DC.js. Check out these cool D3 examples

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5 Reasons To Attend JAZOON


5 Reasons To Attend JAZOON

1. Knowledge

You will learn actionable knowledge you can bring back into your daily work.

2. Inspiration

Get inpired by new ideas and great personalities.

3. Meet the Community

Meet the community from your competitors and around the globe!

4. Meet the Experts

Great talents will be there to share the latest trends – get to know them at the Jazoon Bar!

5. Fun

Have fun and enjoy an exciting evening event!

See you soon at Jazoon!

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