Jazoon Call For Papers

We are sorry, but the submission period has ended!

On October 21-22, Jazoon will bring together practitioners of the art of software in Zürich, Switzerland. Jazoon attendees are interested in the state of the art in software development and what the near future may bring.  Do you have something to say on an up and coming technology? Have you made experiences that others may benefit from?  Then be sure to submit your talk proposal for Jazoon 2014!

Our target audience ranges from junior programmers to senior architects and managers. Depending on how much time you need to get your point across, you can submit a short (20min) or long (50min) talk. Both formats should include time for a short Q&A session. If you have an idea for something more interactive than a talk, Jazoon will have a track of workshops, code clinics and “fun” events. Please contact the program chair directly with these proposals.

While we welcome talks on all kinds of topics, we find these particularly interesting:

  • Mixed realities/Ubiquitous computing
    Have you developed a mixed reality game or are you working on a self driving car? We would like to hear where computer technology inserts itself into our daily lives in new ways.
  • Big Data in practice
    Is Big Data for real? Tell us how you are implementing Big Data in practice. How does it work? What have you learned?
  • Tooling for web apps
    Today’s web apps span multiple machines, languages and technologies. A CMS component defined in XML uses Javascript functions that talk to a back end in Java or DotNet. How do you integrate the development process to give the programmer control over a business function he wants to implement.

How to submit

Please submit your talk using our conftool. Since the conference language is English, all written material and the presentation itself must be in English. For your submission, we will need:

  • Title of the presentation (max. 50 characters including spaces)
  • Name(s) and affiliation(s) of the presenter(s)
  • Abstract (max. 750 characters including spaces)
  • Description of the general topic/problem, why visitors should attend the presentation, including highlights of the technologies/concepts the presentation will cover. Please make the main arguments of your proposed presentation clear and explain why your topic is important.
  • Prerequisites for your audience: e.g. knowledge/experience in project management, etc.
  • Short biography of presenter(s)
  • Link to an online video of the main speaker presenting the abstract of the talk in English. This helps us rate the presenter’s speaking skills. The video will be publicly available for community rating and in the online conference program
  • Photo(s) of the main presenter(s) for publication in the program,
  • at least 800×600 pixels, 300dpi, 4×3 (HxW) aspect ratio
  • Contact information of the main presenter (postal address, email address, phone and fax numbers)

All submissions will be peer reviewed by a panel of experts from different countries and organizations. We use the following criteria for evaluating submissions:

  • Applicability: the session should enable the participants to apply the lessons from your presentation in their daily work.
  • Novelty: the likelihood of getting a submission accepted at Jazoon is higher if it is innovative.
  • Speaking skills: the session should be presented in an interesting, vivid, and entertaining way. Speakers with an attractive presentation style in the abstract video have a higher chance of acceptance.
  • Community rating: to increase the likelihood of acceptance of your talk you can participate in the public community rating phase. To do so, tick the appropriate check box on the submission form

Submission deadline is August 04, 2014


In addition to a great networking and learning opportunity, a talk at Jazoon brings recognition to you and your organization. As a speaker, you will also receive free admission to all sessions and events at Jazoon 2014. And, your first co-speaker will receive a 50% discount on the regular ticket price.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Meantime, please share this call for papers with your colleagues.
Thomas Mäder, Program Chair (program@jazoon.com)
PS: Sponsorships are still available! (sponsoring@jazoon.com)