From Device to Cloud: end-to-end IoT solutions with Java and Eclipse IoT

Mike Milinkovich

The IoT market is poised to an exponential growth, but there are still lots of barriers that prevent building a real, open, Internet of Things. Over the last years, Eclipse has been growing an ecosystem of open-source projects for IoT that are used in real-world solutions, from smart gateways bridging sensors to the cloud, to device management infrastructures or home automation systems.

Java is a key-enabler for IoT, and this talk will provide you with concrete examples on how to build end-to-end solutions with the Eclipse IoT Java stack and projects like Paho, Kura, SmartHome, Californium, OM2M, Eclipse SCADA, Concierge…


Mike Milinkovich

Mike Milinkovich has been involved in the software industry for over thirty years, doing everything from software engineering, to product management to IP licensing. He has been the Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation since 2004. In that role he is responsible for supporting both the Eclipse open-source community and its commercial ecosystem. Prior to joining Eclipse, Mike was a vice president in Oracle’s development group. Other stops along the way include WebGain, The Object People, IBM, Object Technology International (OTI) and Nortel.

Mike sits on the Board of the Open Source Initiative (OSI), on the Executive Committee of the Java Community Process (JCP), and is an observer and past member of the Board of OpenJDK.

Mike spends many of his evenings playing with IoT gadgets, and getting Eclipse software running on them.

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