JAZOON Rookie Award: Young Developer's Speaker Competition


The JAZOON Rookie Award is aimed to motivate young talents to show their skills to an international audience - and to motivate others to dive in to the fascinating and creative world of software development. At the JAZOON Rookie Call-for-Papers (C4P) young talented developers have a opportunity to submit an abstract and we got once more excellent submission for this year’s competition. 

And the winners are

Ivo Neskovic
Autonomic Computing: Vision or Reality

The term autonomic computing, as coined by IBM, is also inspired by the term autonomic nervous system. The purpose of this new computing paradigm is to transfer the definition of technology, from computing to data.
Ivo works at 6pm PLC, Mazedonia

And yes, Ivo is on the picture above, he was already Rookie finalist in 2011. 

Congrat to be the Rookie 2012!

Ivo Neskovic

Raoul-Gabriel Urma
An Empirical Look at Controversial Java Features

Programming languages add features over time to aid developers in their day to day programming. For example, Java 7 introduced several features as part of 'Project Coin' to make a Java programmer's life simpler. However, are all new language features desirable or useful?
Raoul-Gabriel works at University of Cambridge, United Kingdom 

Raoul-Gabriel Urma 

Martin Naumann
Next generation web development with node.js and meteor

Web development is an ever-changing field and there are a lot of different technologies on the market. Among them is  the - relatively speaking - newcomer node.js and the yet not widely known meteor.js. Both allow writing web applications with Javascript on client- and server-side away from OOP and imperative to functional and event-driven programming.

Martin works in Switzerland 

Martin Naumann 

The finalists are invited to attend JAZOON and had presented their submission June 27th starting at 17:10 in Arena 5 to experts at JAZOON and battled for the JAZOON Rookie Award 2012. The winner was chosen by the audience with the legendary JAZOON 'applauseometer'

 JAZOON Rookie Award: Procedure and Criterias

Competition procedure 

Candidates may submit a brief summary of their chosen topic. The Jazoon Programme Committee will select the best three entries for a Jazoon Rookie presentation and cordially invite the respective candidates to Zurich. The lucky winners will give their presentations to an international audience, battling to be crowned as THE JAZOON ROOKIE 2012.

Participation Criteria

  • Aged 26 or younger (on 26 June 2012)
  • 20-minute technical talk
  • Candidates must either work or live in Europe

Companies are invited to assist their Jazoon Rookies or to support this competition by a sponsorship!

The three best Jazoon Rookies will be invited to Jazoon'12 from 26 - 28 June 2012 and receive

  • Free Conference Pass
  • Free travel and accommodation to attend Jazoon
  • Certificate

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