IBM Watson since Jeopardy!

2012-06-26 17:30- 18:30 ,Arena 5 (524)

Dale Lane
IBM, United Kingdom

IBM Watson since Jeopardy!

In February 2011, IBM demonstrated it's latest Research breakthroughs in natural language processing and deep question answering. Named Watson, it made history when it was entered into the famously complex US television quiz-show 'Jeopardy!' where it comfortably beat two of the greatest human players ever to appear on the show. Since then, work has focused on bringing these breakthroughs to real-world problems. Dale will talk about the work that has been happening since Jeopardy! and some of the plans for Watson's future.

Dale is a developer in IBM's Watson Solutions. He is working to transform the incredible Research achievement into a product that can be applied to real-world challenges. Prior to Watson, he spent several years in IBM's Emerging Technologies division - a part of Software Group responsible for looking ahead to tomorrow's technologies. He helped bridge the gap between IBM's Research and Development divisions, identifying ways for future IBM Software products to exploit upcoming technologies.

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