Akka 2.0 - Scaling up and out with Actors

2012-06-27 13:30- 14:20 ,Arena 5 (524)

Viktor Johan Klang
Typesafe Inc

Akka 2.0 - Scaling up and out with Actors

We believe that one should never have to choose between productivity and scalability, which has been the case with traditional approaches to concurrency and distribution. The cause of that has been the wrong tools and the wrong layer of abstraction and Akka is here to change that. Akka is using the Actors together with Software Transactional Memory (STM) to create a unified runtime and programming model for scaling both UP (utilizing multi-core processors) and OUT (utilizing the grid/cloud). With Akka 2.0 this will be taken to a whole new level, and in this presentation we will talk about "Distributed by Design", how it scales from small projects to huge projects, and how we've projected what we've learned during the 1.x series into the 2.x series.

Viktor Klang, also known as √, is a passionate programmer with a taste for concurrency paradigms and performance optimization. Currently working as Tech Lead for the Akka project at Typesafe.

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