JAZOON'12 Rookie Award, Wednesday 27 June 2012

Jazoon gives young Java, .NET and Open Source developers a chance to speak in front of an international and knowledgeable audience.

Competition procedure 
Candidates may submit a brief summary of their chosen topic. The Jazoon Programme Committee will select the best three entries for a Jazoon Rookie presentation and cordially invite the respective candidates to Zurich. The lucky winners will give their presentations to an international audience, battling to be crowned as THE JAZOON ROOKIE 2012.

Participation Criteria

  • Aged 26 or younger (on 26 June 2012)
  • 20-minute technical talk
  • Candidates must either work or live in Europe

Companies are invited to assist their Jazoon Rookies or to support this competition by a sponsorship!

The three best Jazoon Rookies will be invited to Jazoon'12 from 26 - 28 June 2012 and receive

  • Free Conference Pass
  • Free travel and accommodation to attend Jazoon
  • Certificate

We are looking forward to see who will be the next JAZOON Rookie 2012 - Good luck!


JAZOON'12 - Call-4-Papers Retrospective

The JAZOON Call-4-Papers was a great success. We had over 250 submissions for 70 sessions. Many thanks to all who sent in an abstract - the program committee had a hard time evaluating and re-evaluating all the excellent input we received to select the best of the best.

Based on the number and classification of the submissions, we'd like to share with you what the hottest topics are:

What's hot?

The overall hottest topic was 5.1 Enterprise Frameworks followed by 8.1. Architectures worth knowing, 6.2 Testing and 6.3 Software Engineering Lifecycle and Methodology. Let's see what the final J'12 program will look like.


Ranking top 20 topics


1. Enterprise Frameworks
2. Architectures worth knowing
3. Testing
4. Software Engineering Lifecycle and Methodologies
5. Java Language
6. Design Patterns and Best Practices
7. Integration
8. IDEs and Plug-ins
9. Distributed Architectures
10. Java Web Frameworks
11. Java Containers
12. REST: patterns
13. Collaboration Tools
14. Build Management
15. Continuous improvement processes
16. PaaS Platforms
17. Domain-Specific Languages
18. Agile development as a business strategy
19. Java & JavaScript
20. Experiments

Following submission topics we were looking for


Novel Software Delivery Approaches

  • App Stores, Rules, Programming Models
  • Java Containers
  • PaaS platforms, runtimes and services
  • PaaS/Provisioning
  • PaaS/Security
  • PaaS/Practical Experienc

Enterprise Java and .net

  • Enterprise Frameworks
  • Integration, WebServices, SOAESB
  • BPM
  • Real-Time Processing

The Web Application Platform

  • Java Web Frameworks
  • RIA Frameworks, Java or JavaScript based
  • RIA and the Web Architecture
  • REST: patterns, best practices
  • UI Techniques, Progressive Enhancement

Development Tools And Techniques

  • IDEs and Plug-ins
  • Testing, Profiling, Monitoring
  • Software Engineering Lifecycle and Methodologies
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Version Control
  • Build Management
  • Behavior Driven Development, Specification By Example

JavaScript — The Universal Language of the Web

  • Java & JavaScript
  • Dart
  • CoffeeScript
  • jQuery, jQuery Mobile
  • JavaScript Frameworks, Tools, Libraries
  • JavaScript On The Server, Node.js
  • Architectures for JavaScript

Infrastructure Technologies & Language Issues

  • Java Language, JDKJRE
  • Security
  • Scripting and other languages on the Java VM
  • Scala, Clojure, functional languages on the Java VM
  • Domain-Specific Languages
  • Design Patterns and Best Practices
  • API Design (e.g. fluent design, etc)
  • OpenSource collaboration
  • Effective framework and library documentation

The Mobile Platforms: Landfall

  • Android Development
  • iOS Development
  • Windows Phone 7 Development
  • Hybrid/Multiplatform Development
  • Hardware related features (NFC, etc.)
  • Strong Authentication on Mobile
  • New UI Paradigms

 Cool & Fun

  • Architectures worth knowing
  • Experiments
  • Entertainment, Gami
 SET@JAZOON (Software Engineering Today)


  • Agile development as a business strategy
  • Experiences with applying strategically Lean, Kanban, Scrum and other agile approaches
  • Involving HR/personal management
  • Experiences using new approaches like DevOps or LeanStartU


  • Cloud Computing for the enterprise
  • Integration architecture (SOA and the like)
  • Architecture reviews and criteria for doing so
  • Dealing with technical debts in the enterprise (e.g. addressing it in a distributed setting)

Soft Skills@Management

  • Creating a learning organization
  • Continuous improvement processes
  • Supporting innovations without bargaining sustainability
  • Supporting self-organizing teams

In all areas we welcome case studies, especially describing experiences in practice from all application domains including, but not limited to, transportation, telecommunication, finance, insurance, mobile computing, command and control, government, as well as medical and life sciences.

If you are interested in making a presentation that fits the above description well, please submit your proposal. All the submissions will be reviewed by a panel of experts.

Instructions for submission

Note that the conference language is English and all submissions and presentations have to be in English.

Please provide the following information: 

  • Title of presentation (max 50 characters including spaces)
  • Name and affiliation of the presenter
  • Abstract
  • Explanation of the general topic/problem, description of why the delegates should attend the presentation, and highlights of the technologies/concepts the presentation is going to cover. Please make the main arguments of your proposed presentation clear and why this topic is important.
  • Target Audience (e.g. software architects, project managers, experienced software-developers, ...)
  • Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • Prerequisites required of attendees: e.g. knowledge/experience in project management…
  • Short biography of presenter
  • Photo to be published in the program of the main presenters, 
    at least 800x600 pixel, 300dpi, 4x3 (hxw) aspect ratio
  • Contact information of main presenter (postal address, email address, phone)

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