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What happened at Jazoon'08

Day 1: Tuesday, 2008-06-24
Day 2: Wednesday, 2008-06-25
Day 3: Thursday, 2008-06-26
Photo Gallery

What happened at Jazoon'07

Day 1: Monday, 2007-06-25
Day 2: Tuesday, 2007-06-26
Day 3: Wednesday, 2007-06-27
Day 4: Thursday, 2007-06-28
Photo Gallery

The Duke ... starring in Rambo III

After the conference


Download presentations
The presentations can be downloaded from the detail page of every talk.

Videos of the keynotes

Videos of the keynotes will be published on Parleys. We will inform you once they are available.

Next conference
Jazoon'09 will take place June 22 - 25, 2009 in Zurich, Switzerland.

What participants say about Jazoon'08

"Jazoon 2008 was a great conference, very well organized at a fantastic location. The organisers did an excellent job supporting the attendees. Sessions, speakers and the general setting (like catering) were of high quality and the professional and intimate environment enabled the crowd to get in touch. A great success .. definitely Jazoon is one of the leading Java happenings in Europe. See you at Jazoon 2009!" -- Michael Hüttermann, Java Champion, Germany

"Overall great organization of the event and high level of the presented information made the event extremely professional. Not only was the conference technically advanced, it actually made us think of organizing such a conference in the Baltics. Great job done, thanks :)!" -- Eugene Igans, C.T.Co, Latvia

“Jazoon '08 was a great overall experience - well-organized, with top-notch speakers and attendees, located in the fantastic city of Zurich. If you are in the Java community, definitely consider attending.” -- Randy Shoup, Ebay, USA

"I thoroughly enjoyed participating in Jazoon '08'. It represented the right balance of technology, community and fun that other conferences sometimes lack. There is also an appropriate focus on the present with an eye toward the future to keep Java developers solving the problems they face now and prepared for emerging technologies." -- Brian Sletten, Zepheira, USA

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