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Selection Process



Benefits for speakers


By invitation only.

180' (half-day) or 360' (full-day)

23 June


Long Talk

Peer-reviewed by program committee.

50' (incl. Q&A)

24 - 26 June

Free conference pass for main speaker, 50% discount on conference pass for co-speaker

Short Talk

Peer-reviewed by program committee.

20'  (incl. Q&A)

24 - 26 June

Free conference pass for main speaker, 50% discount on conference pass for co-speaker

Jazoon Labs

Selection by program chair, mainly based on expected interest and availability of slots.

2 consecutive slots of 50' with a break of 10' in between

24 - 26 June

Up to 4 daily conference passes for presenter and tutors


Selection by program chair. Pre-announced (before conference) BOFs have precedence over those submitted at the conference.


24 & 25 June only, during the Jazoon After Hours networking time


Jazoon Jam

People can enroll online during the conference or enqueue on the spot. First-come first-serve basis.


26 June


After Hours


After last presentation until 22:00.

24 & 25 June, after last presentation until 22.00


Technical sessions

There are two groups of technical sessions:
Long talk of 50 minutes (incl. Q&A)
Short talk of 20 minutes (incl. Q&A)
Both are peer-reviewed by the Jazoon Program Committee. The latest trends and developments are examined in these presentations.

Birds-of-a-feather sessions (BOF)

Java lives – and is a live topic. And predestined for an open discussion round. BOF sessions are an ideal form for an open but structured dialogue and exchange of experiences. At the conference, every participant will still have the opportunity to suggest topics that should be addressed. Duration: 90 minutes.

Jazoon Labs

Selection by the Program Chair. Hands-on labs for people wanting to check out new products or technologies under supervision of experts. Duration: 2 times 50 minutes with 10 minutes break in-between. Total 110 minutes incl. Q&A and 10 minutes break.

Jazoon Jam

Two minutes lightning talks, messages and farewell wishes during the closing session of Jazoon'08. People can enroll online or during the conference at the registration desk or even line-up on the spot during the closing session. First-come first-serve basis. Duration: 2 minutes.

Benefits for speaker

As a Jazoon Speaker you enjoy the following benefits:

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