Backstage track

Backstage track


The idea of the backstrage area is to get you a more personal experience from the conference. It will take place on Friday 8.4. during the conference in a relaxed atmosphere. You can take a break from the talks, drink a coffee and participate in one of the side activities. And of course our speakers will also hang out, so if you have a burning question – this is your chance!


The backstage track will take place in a separate building called Uptown which is just a couple of meters away from the main track. The Uptown offers a bar with sofas and an outdoor area with a nice patio.

Side activities

The backstage track will feature a number of side activities. Each side activity slot is limited to 20 minutes. Some of the possible formats in our backstage track are:

  • “Ask Me Anything” sessions with our speakers
  • Panel discussions
  • In-depth sessions where speakers dive deeper in their topics
  • Lightning talks

Vote now!

Do you have topics you are really interested in? Do you have burning questions you think our speakers could answer? Would you like to give a lightning talk talk or participate in any other side activities?

Let us know and tweet to @JAZOON or send an email to We are looking forward for your proposals!