Ember.js workshop

Ember.js workshop

This training will be delivered by Stefan Penner, Ember Core Team member and the creator of ember-cli and Mike North, contributer to the ember.js ecosystem.

As we know, Ember.js aims to enable developers by giving them leverage of an entire ecosystem. This workshop aims to build on that foundation by distilling advanced patterns used in real life ambitious applications into a series of lab like exercises, discussions and lessons.

In the real world, latency is variable, requests fail, the features are due Tuesday and users still expect a good experience. Attendees should come away from this training enabled, and confident to tackle advanced user interfaces, without succumbing to excess complexity.

As such, the general theme will revolve around building reliable state-full user interface, while keeping implementations idiomatic, maintainable and most importantly enjoyable.

High Level Topics

  • TDD/Maintainability
  • Ephemeral and Persistent State
  • Asynchrony/Latency
  • Rich user experiences
  • Reliability in the face of failure
  • Keeping complexity low and productivity high


  • While knowledge of a front-end MVC or MV* framework would be helpful, no prior experience with ember.js is required
  • Laptop with working installation of ember-cli (latest stable version) and npm
  • Pair programming encouraged!


  • 08:30 Registration
  • 09:00 – 17:00 Workshop