Scala in Practice

23. October 2015 15:40 - 16:40

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Lutz Hühnken

The programming language Scala, which runs on the JVM and attempts to embrace both object-oriented and functional programming, has been around for a while now. Mission critical, web-scale applications have been built with it since at least 2009, when Twitter rather publicly moved their infrastructure to a Scala/JVM – Stack.

In the years since then, it’s seen a good amount of praise, significant adoption across different industries, and of course a fair amount of bashing as well (as Bjarne Stoustrup said: “There are two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses”). Time for a reality check: What experiences have people made with Scala in real life, and what impact does it have on today’s software development?

Topics that will the covered:

Do Programming Languages matter?
Why would anyone care to switch to another language anyway?

Scala in the field
What is Scala being used for? Experiences from real-world Scala projects.

Should you adopt Scala, and if so, what pitfalls to look out for?

Presented slides: Scala_In_Practice_HuehnkenLutz