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8.4.2016, Gurten Pavillon

news 24.1.2016

Limited Angular 2 and Ember.js workshop tickets are available now.

Rob Wormald from the Angular 2 core mobile team will give a talk about Reactive Angular 2 and will host an Angular 2 workshop.


Jazoon TechDays is a one-day conference which takes place twice a year. Every edition focuses on a single topic and features high-quality speakers.

new location

For the first time Jazoon TechDays will take place in Bern. Admire the beautiful view from the Gurten while catching up with the latest and greatest web frameworks and technologies.

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Ben Lesh

core member
Senior UI Engineer Netflix, San Jose CA

Christian Kohler

Full stack web developer and trainer at Zühlke Switzerland

Gerard Sans

trainergoogle dev expert
Angular Google Developer Expert, AngularJS Labs London

Jay Phelps

JavaScript and stuff at @Netflix. Bay Area, CA

Luca Mezzalira

Solutions Architect at Massive Intractive, London JavaScript Community Manager

Mike North

CTO Levanto Financial, founder ModernWebUI, prev UI Architect Yahoo, SF Bay Area, CA

Rob Wormald

core membertrainer
Core member Angular 2 mobile team, EggheadIO trainer, founder NgRx, SF Bay Area

Stefan Jäger

Senior software engineer Zühlke Bern

Stefan Penner

core membertrainer
Yahoo, Ember.js core team, TC-39, San Jose


Main Track (Pavillon)


The organizers of Jazoon Spring 2016 Daniel and Matthias will welcome you to the conference. In this short introduction they will talk about the agenda, the new format of Jazoon...
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Getting started with Angular 2

We don’t know when Angular 2 will be released but we know it’s going to be *AWESOME*. In this hands-on session we are going to build a basic application while...
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Managing Async With Observables

All web applications must deal with asynchrony: User events, animations, data retrieval and more. As web applications get more advanced and jump beyond desktop browsers into things like mobile devices...
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Write once, run everywhere: ambitious cross-device web apps

Ember.js is an opinionated web framework, that allows developers to focus less on boilerplate, and focus more on what makes their app unique. We’ll go over some of the best...
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12:20 - 13:20

Lunch break

Reactive Angular 2

You’ve probably heard of Observables by now, but they’re more than just a basic Javascript primitive – they open the door to a whole new way of building applications. Learn...
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The evolution of front end architectures

During this presentation you’ll see the evolution of event driven architecture, from a central event emitter or a publisher/subscribe system, currently used in several JavaScript libraries and framework, to Reactive...
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The Coveted Universal Web Component

Let’s stop making framework-specific views and start sharing code everyone can use. Web Components isn’t just a W3C specification, it’s a methodology! In this talk, you’ll learn not only how...
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Milk lasts longer than some JavaScript frameworks

With JavaScript Moore’s Law gets reinvented. Every 18 month a new JavaScript framework replaces another. There is no way you can keep learning stuff at this daunting pace. But don’t...
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Session will be announced soon.

Closing session

Matthias and Daniel will wrap up the conference with some closing thoughts. Also the Autumn organization committee will announce the next edition of Jazoon.

Conference tickets available now

The ticket price includes access to all talks, lunch and the evening social event for 8.4.2016.
Workshop tickets can be bought on the workshop page.
Contact us for large ticket volumes or student ticket at

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